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Why Booties Are the Perfect Everyday Shoe

Booties never go out of fashion, and for good reason. They are perfect for almost every situation and any outfit. If your closet lacks a stylish pair of booties or if you are in the market for another pair of everyday shoes, there are many reasons why you should consider purchasing booties.

1. They’re Comfortable

It is easy to find booties that are comfortable for you. Whether they have a high, wedge, platform, or flat heel, you will be able to wear these shoes without discomfort. Plus, they keep your feet warm during the fall and winter, but their short length means you won’t feel suffocated in the heat, allowing you to continue wearing the same footwear into the summer.

2. They’re Stylish

Booties are also one of the most feminine types of footwear. They look stylish on women of any age.

3. You Can Dress Them Up

When paired with a dress, skirt, or other formal wear, booties complete a look. They are ideal for going out in the evening, especially if you are on your feet a lot and would prefer a supportive shoe.

4. You Can Dress Them Down

In contrast, nothing says booties have to be formal. They can work just as well with casual skirts, informal pants, and even jeans — they look good with just about anything. You can use booties to change the feel of an entire outfit.

5. They Come in a Range of Styles

As booties are available in so many different styles, it is always possible to find a pair that matches your image. Booties can be chic, dressy, or semi-formal, they can be smooth or distressed, they can be laced, buckled, or slip-on, and they come in every possible color.

6. They Work with Every Body Type

Whether you are short or tall, curvy or slim, booties will suit you. Simply choosing the right type of booties to match your leg length and ankle size will emphasize your best features.

For instance, if you are petite and slim, you should pick booties that pass your ankle and have a heel to give you height while elongating your legs. If, however, you are short and curvy, pointed booties will be flattering.

Tall women can equally benefit from booties. Those with curvy body types should choose booties that flair out at the bottom, but should avoid those with any detail around the cuff. Slim, tall women can wear practically any type of booties.

7. You’ll Save Time

It is always a pain to figure out what figure out what shoes work with your outfit work with your outfit. As booties look good with practically everything, your shoes will be one aspect of your attire you will never need to worry about.

There are plenty of reasons why you should have at least one pair of booties and no reasons why you shouldn’t. If you already have a pair in your closet, add at least one more to give yourself more variety for everyday shoes.

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