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Fashion Forecast for 2018

The best way to start planning your wardrobe for next year is to know the 2018 fashion forecast. With a number of interesting and unexpected additions, it is never too early to start preparing.

Bell Bottoms

The trends in pants are always changing, fluctuating between tight and wide every few years. Next year may well see the end of skinny jeans, as bell bottoms are back as a favorite. However, they are somewhat different from those of last year, as the leg is extra wide rather than just flared.

Frayed Denim

Designers are always finding new ways to distress denim, whether by tears, rips, or patches. A new idea for 2018 is simple frayed edges.

Leisure Wear

Leisure wear is coming into its own in 2018, moving away from comfortable and into glamorous. Expect to see everything from dresses to one-pieces with a tracksuit or sporty twist.

Sports Socks

Most notable in the leisure wear trend are sports socks. These go with a wide range of outfits and almost any type of shoes, particularly heels.

Tech Fashion

With wearables finally taking off, it’s no surprise that tech is finding a greater place in fashion. Now, you can find intelligent clothing with things like supportive functions and bluetooth features.

Many designers are taking tech in a different direction, incorporating 3D techniques into materials. Patterns tend to be based around nature, such as floral patterns and animal prints, with a strong focus on natural tones.

Trench Coats

Trench coats will be a year-round item of clothing in 2018. There are no limits how to take this style — colorful, embroidered, or even plain and elegant.


You will also notice tech aspects in asymmetrical clothing. These garments are mostly androgynous, oversized, and come in metallic or shiny tones.

Tailored Suits

Another example of the androgynous trend is tailored suits. For 2018, a top look is plaid, including checkered and Glen plaid. However, suits are by no means traditional — they will come in a variety of new forms, shapes, and color palettes.

Grecian Goddess

The feminine look is far from dead in 2018, but it is taking a new turn. The Grecian goddess trend is all about long, flowing gowns with gladiator sandals.

Exposed Collarbones

A simple way for any woman to show off her femininity is to expose her collarbones. It doesn’t even matter what type of outfit you are using. To make the best of this ability, shirts in 2018 will be unbuttoned at the top, sometimes revealing most of the shoulders.


Color-blocking involves using colors that are the opposite of each other on the color wheel. As this is great for making a big impact, those who really want to stand out will be pleased to hear that this is a top trend in 2018.

Knowing the major trends for 2018 allows you to buy the right shoes in advance. There are numerous styles to complement the above and plenty of opportunities to experiment to make outfits your own.

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