From Work to Dinner: The Art Of Dressing Up Your Work Outfit

When it comes to being a working woman in today’s fast-paced world, it can seem like time is never on your side. Stepping out for a night with your colleagues or friends after a long day of work can seem like a welcome break. But, in truth, it can be frustrating when one can’t find the time to swap their work outfit out for an appropriate dinner attire. However, with a few efficient selections and a few swap arounds, you can easily transform your work outfit into a classy dinner look that won’t feel out of place at a ritz restaurant.

Starting with the Basics

When it comes to choosing a look that can double as dinner attire, Lauren Conrad, suggests starting with a simple outfit with clean lines and a simple silhouette, like a pencil dress or top-pant combo of the same colors. With this outfit as a base, it then becomes a simple matter of developing your work-look and your casual-look.

For your work-look, take your office dress-code into consideration, and plan your look by adding appropriate accessories. For the casual swap out, switch the work accessories for something showier, like a statement necklace and multiple bracelets.

You Can’t Go Wrong With an LBD

The easiest work-to-dinner transformation can be achieved with the ageless “Little Black Dress”. For work, add a sweater, cardigan or work blazer, with leggings or stockings and a pair of pumps or low-heeled shoes. When it’s time to step out, simply remove your blazer and leggings, and swap your pumps out for a pair of slingback sandals, and voilà! You’re all set for a night out.

The Smaller Changes

The work-to-dinner swap can also be done with a few accessory swaps like swapping out your day-time studs for something bolder like crystal drop earrings or adding a statement necklace or bracelet to your outfit. You can also swap your briefcase or work-bag for a sleek clutch or cross-body handbag.

There are a number of ways you can turn a work dress into a snazzy dinner outfit. You can check out LeTote’s brilliant work-to-dinner outfit swap ideas here.

But wait…

What if you don’t have all the necessary swap-outs at hand, say when you’re invited to a spur-of-the-moment outing by your boss? You cannot possibly turn down a dinner invite and put your reputation on the line, now, can you? So, to avoid such potential situations, wouldn’t it be ideal if there were outfits that could easily double as dinner outfits? Oh, yes, definitely! As mentioned above, the Little Black Dress will never fail you.

Likewise, a plain red or plum colored top with flared or wide-legged white pants won’t look out of place at work, and when it comes the time to step out, a dash of lipstick in a shade matching your top is all you’ll need. Or, you could try a button down skirt, where the transformation just requires unbuttoning the skirt to a more daring length for cocktail night. You can also never go wrong with a leather or jeans skinny pants, paired off with a camisole top and a sleek blazer that you can ditch at happy hour.

When it comes to fashion and efficiency, there are no limits to the ways you can turn your work outfit into a fashion statement, and you can do it with little to no effort: provided, of course, that you choose your outfit well to begin with.

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