Mirrored Sunglasses

Aren’t you just jealous of the girl that comes in the room with her hair flying with the wind, walking in her 6 inch stilettos and drop dead gorgeous Midi skirt? Once she enters the room she slides the shades that seemed to reflect every eye that landed on her, to the top of her head revealing even more astounding eyes, that has no doubt been well made up. If so, don’t be! Because that girl will be you once you delve in to this era’s new trend.

Its summertime and the sun is shining bright. It’s now time to whip out those handy shades of yours and show the fashion world you are “in”. Mirrored sunglasses have become a fashions must. These shades not only block the sun, they reflect the images surrounding you. They seem to make your view look even better than the view of “regular” shades. Good thing they go with everything! This new trend doesn’t just look fabulous they also help shield those beautiful eyes of yours.

How would you wear your reflective shades? Multicolored, mono colored, double colored rims? The choices are endless. For those days where the sun decides to hide itself, do not fear mirrored shades are still here. Instead of the darker shading try for a lighter shade so that you look great and could see. It is ok to wear your shades in almost any weather. NO hurricanes I must say, but other than that wear those shades lady!

On a hot summers day opt for the darker shading to shield you from the brutal sun. Be careful to not get clashy colors. There are some designs that are only good for that one outfit you have from two summers ago you would like to bring out. Then there are the simple yet elegant mono colored shades that fit perfectly with just about every outfit imaginable. So there isn’t much worrying there.

In addition be sure to get the right frame for your face. Trust me you do not want to look like you’re about to be swallowed by your oversized mirrored shades. Get the ones that fit the most comfortably. Not too loose around the face, yet not so tight that it leaves a huge indention on the sides of your face. In the end, look for the wow factor. If you look at the shades and say I can’t live without them, try it on. If they fit, look right on your face, matches with at least four outfits in your closet, buy them. Just be sure that the pair(s) of mirrored shades you buy state something about you.

Next step, walk on that runway, even if it is just the aisle in Publix. With those shades you will look amazing, you fashionista.

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