Slip on Sneaker Trend

Trends are everywhere and they are what help to make people fashionable and current. With the ample amount of different trends present in today’s fashion world (wedges, leather jackets, skinny jeans, leggings, etc.) slip-on sneakers are quickly becoming the hottest commodity, especially according to Wow Factor Trends. When all of the It-Girls in the fashion industry begin wearing a particular article of clothing or accessory, they become gospel to everyone looking to revolutionize their style and slip-on sneakers are no different.

Trendy and Comfortable?

Imagine having the opportunity to spruce up your everyday outfit with a comfortable pair of shoes. Instead of having to resort to heels or uncomfortable footwear, slip-on sneakers are a great way to be trendy and still maintain a high level of comfort. These shoes are nothing new, they have been around for several years (primarily from Vans), but they have recently trickled into the fashion radar for some of the industry’s most prestigious gurus. Wow Factor Trends finds them to be perfect for the city girl and guy who is constantly on-the-go, and there has never been a more comfortable type of footwear.

Modern and Edgy

Slip-on shoes are a great way to change your outfit from traditional to modern and edgy. Considering that they are available in an array of patterns and colors, there is literally a pair of shoes for every outfit that requires a little pop. Try wearing a pant suit and pairing it with a pair of bright colored slip-ons to provide a unique and modernized appeal. As an example, an all-white suit with a pair of bright red shoes is a great way to make a fashion statement.

Dressing Up or Dressing Down

Another great reason as to why more and more fashion gurus are jumping onto the slip-on shoe bandwagon is because they are perfect for both dressing up and dressing down. You may be thinking, how can a slip-on shoe be dressy? The simplest answer pertains to the type of shoe that you buy. Consider wearing a nice short black skirt paired with a leopard print pair of slip-on shoes, or even a shoe with a floral print for a more feminine appeal. The options are relatively endless.

In terms of dressing down, slip-on shoes are renowned for their casual comfort as they can easily be paired with high-waisted jeans and an oversized t-shirt. They are also great with regular skinny jeans and a hoodie for a laid-back look.

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