Why Do We Love our Ballet Flats

Ballet flats are must have for every girl’s closet, you may own one of the designer brands that you paid hefty price for it at your local high end department stores or maybe bought one for a great deal at your favorite online store, either way, most of us, own more than one pair and more than one style, why? simply, because they are comfy, stylish and practical, but how do we look our best in them?

Since they are heelless, your legs will appear shorter in them, try to wear short shorts or short skirt with them if you want to look taller in your ballet flats.

The other great way to wear them is to pair them with your favorite skinny jeans, try some leopard print ballet flats with your dark color skinny jeans, bold color tank top or blouse will make you look stunning. One thing that can ruin your look, is to hide your flats under your long wide leg pants, so make sure to always show your gorgeous ballet flats.

For one of those days that you want to feel feminine and want to stay comfy all day long, try them with your favorite knee high summer dress, you can glamorize your look with accessories, great example will be floral print summer dress with nude or neutral color ballet flats, use some gold color jewelry and you will not go unnotified.

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