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The Complete Guide to Accessorizing with Boho Style Shoes

Dressing in boho style involves going beyond just clothing. To create a true boho outfit, you also need boho style shoes and accessories. The best way to tackle this is to start by finding the perfect boho style shoes and then looking for extras to complete your look.

1. Choosing the Right Boho Style Shoes

You have several options when it comes to boho style shoes. Pick a pair that best matches the rest of your outfit, the occasion, and the weather.

  • Booties. It’s best if booties have a thick heel. A top choice is this pair of almond toe booties, which feature chic tassels.
  • Boots. For boots to be boho style shoes, they should be mid-calf or knee-high. One of our favorite options is this pair of bamboo chestnut boots. The fringe makes them perfect for pairing with a skirt.
  • Open-toe heels. Boho style shoes can also be elegant, particularly when you opt for open-toe heels. To bring color to your footwear consider something with embroidery.
  • Wedges. If you want to gain height without sacrificing your boho look, wedges are ideal. These understated wedges work with a wide variety of outfits.

Whatever you pick, boho style shoes should be in natural shades (like tan, brown, or beige) and should be made from leather, suede or an imitation material or they can feature an ethnic-inspired pattern.

2. Take Bracelets to the Extreme

You don’t need to worry about going overboard with bracelets. In fact, at least a few bracelets are essential to a boho look. Silver, woven, or wooden bangles are perfect, both around your wrist and on your upper arms. If your boho style shoes are sandals, you should consider incorporating a few anklets.

3. Use Dangly Earrings and a Statement Necklace

Other types of jewelry you must incorporate are dangly earrings and a statement necklace. Such jewelry tends to be made of metal but often features other natural materials like gemstones, feathers, leather, shells, and wool.

4. Go Bold with Headwear

You have numerous options for headwear — the bolder, the better. If you’re just experimenting with a boho style, scarves, bandanas, and floppy hats are all good choices. As you gain confidence and start forming your own unique look, you may like to progress to a crocheted cap, tiara, hippie headband, or even a flower crown.

5. Pick a Purse

Arguably the most important accessory, a purse can make or break an outfit. As well as considering your clothing, keep your boho style shoes in mind when choosing a purse. It’s great if you can find a purse in a similar material to your shoes; at a minimum, the purse should complement your footwear. For instance, an oversize bag looks great with slouchy shoes, but for fitted sandals, a sophisticated purse is necessary.

All the above will enhance your boho look, but how extreme you want to take the outfit is up to you. Whatever you choose, don’t neglect a pair of proper boho style shoes.

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