2017 Summer Fashion Trends to Look Out For

Have a look at the hottest summer fashion trends of this year. Whether you go all the way or incorporate one or two elements, you’ll be a fashionista.

As the skies of summer burst out in shades of azure with streaks of purple, red and orange, the world of fashion breaks out in celebration of those colors. This summer ushers in a bolder, go big or go home outlook as colors take center stage: from deconstructed shirts and stone jewelry to ‘70s style platform shoes.

Here are the fashion trends that are making a splash in the summer of 2017!

Design & Patterns

Flower Power:

The ‘70s have come roaring back as floral prints have hit the scene again! From micro-florals to large bloom patterns that almost border on the kitschy, it’s all about becoming one with the spirit of spring.

Deconstructed Shirt:

Shirts are going nowhere, but what’s gone is the old buttoned up look. This year, it’s all about pushing the envelope beyond the traditional shirt: over-sized sleeves, one-shouldered necklines, cropped tops and cut-outs.

Striped? Blocky? Patchwork?:

Bold colors and patterns in all forms and shapes – geometric, abstract or curves – are here to throw us back in time to the ‘70s when bright colors drowned out pale pastels.

Ruffles and Frills:

Trust us, you won’t be ruffling any with these trends. From necklines, sleeves, skirts and jackets, ruffles are out in full force this summer.

If the Shoe Fits


When it comes to shoes, slides take on a brighter look with rainbow hues and patterns and embellishments galore – everything from pearls to fringes and lace. On teh opposite side of the sepctrum, they are simple but sophisticated at the same time, like these from Noon by Noor flats.


This summer favorite is back in a whole variety of colors, patterns and fabrics. Hit the hot pavements of summer in simple and plain to striped, flat-heeled to high-heeled mules.

‘70s Platforms:

In keeping with the return of the ‘70s, platforms are back in vogue again: high-heeled sandals with floral embellishments and patterns.

Accessorize, or else…


Fur is far from gone in the world of fashion, especially not this summer! Whether it’s fur-lined sleeves, necklines and shoes, you won’t look out of place. You can also accessorize with fur-embellished handbags and bracelets.

One-Ear Oversized Earrings and Mismatched Earrings:

This summer throws tradition and symmetry out the window, and makes a bold statement with an oversized earring adorning just one ear, leaving the other ear bare. Or, in another swipe at symmetry, mismatched earrings – a different earring on each ear – are vogue, as well.

Ginormous Pendants:

This season has seen necklaces take on a bolder, can’t-miss-it trend in the form of long chains and huge off-the-wall pendant shapes. These accessorize well with most of this summer’s fashions.

Full Arm Bracelets:

This jewelry trend is ideal for summer, a season that calls for exposed arms: adorning your lower arms with multiple bracelets in different styles. In summary, this summer turns the traditional on its head and welcomes the bold and the bizarre, and renders the simple and understated styles of last year obsolete.

You don’t have to go all the way and adopt every single summer trend. Pick to your taste, mix and match, and most importantly, have fun! Happy Summer.

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