Accessorize for Fall

How to Accessorize for Fall 2017

If you want to know how to accessorize for fall 2017, it is best to look to the trends. This season should prove to be an exciting one, as top designers have some eclectic ideas. There’s no risk you’ll feel bored with your outfits — there are many opportunities for mixing things up and standing out from the crowd.


Although fur is often associated with colder winter weather, it is already everywhere this fall. There are plenty of ways to accessorize with fur without looking too wrapped up: options include furry caps, berets, and purses. Fur this season is a vintage style rather than statement fur like last year.


Hats are a general favorite in fall 2017. Plus, there is no need to be subdued — feel free to pick any hat that expresses your personality.

Practical Purses

Whether fur or otherwise, purses need a purpose. Bags are large this year, allowing you to comfortably fit in everything you need for the day. In fact, oversized purses are particularly popular, up to weekender size.

Tiny Bags

This is the season of extremes. If you’d rather not lug around a huge purse, you need to go tiny.

Hand Bag

Dangling Earrings

Once again, it’s certainly “the bigger the better” when it comes to earrings. This trend has been around for a while now, and it’s still going strong. Go bold and pick earrings with interesting shapes that dangle down low.

Wide Belts

Another way to show off your self-confidence is with a wide-waist belt — any style will do. This look goes especially well with a full-length coat.

Everyday Objects

Using unusual items from around the house as accessories is all the rage this fall. Get creative by turning everyday objects into unique jewelry or finding another way to incorporate items into your outfit.


It’s been a while since we’ve seen brooches in fashion. Continuing the retro trend of the past few seasons, brooches are very much antique-style. The time has finally come to bring Grandma’s heirlooms out of storage.


Chokers are reaching a new level. They are now bigger and shinier than ever. Ideally, you want a choker made up of beads, crystals, or gems that lies on your collarbone.

Long Chains

If you’d rather wear a necklace than a choker, it needs to be big. Long, thick chains dominate, whereas dainty chains will be nonexistent this fall.


You may want to leave out your contact lenses for the next few months, as glasses are big this fall (in both senses of the word). Cat-eye frames, printed designs, and even sparkles are all top choices.


Accessories are not the only place to jazz up your outfit this fall: don’t forget to pay attention to your shoes. Loud prints, shocking colors, and flowery patterns are all perfect options to match the eclectic theme. Boots, from ankle to knee high, are especially trendy.

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