Capsule wardrobe essentials

The Best Capsule Wardrobe Essentials for Winter 2017

Whether you have so many clothes you feel overwhelmed, you usually only wear a few of your favorite garments or you want to infuse minimalism into more areas of your life, a capsule wardrobe is for you. To create yours for winter, there are a few capsule wardrobe essentials you will need to include.



Limit yourself to just your favorite t-shirts. Include a combination of short-sleeved and long-sleeved tees.


In addition to t-shirts, you will want a couple blouses. Throw in a silk blouse and a white button-down blouse to give your outfits variety.


Choose a sweater that will keep you warm on chilly days but that won’t be too heavy when the weather is mild. This is an ideal place to add some color to your capsule wardrobe.


Capsule wardrobes are all about having just the essentials you wear often. Stick to just a couple dresses, ideally in cotton or light silk in a neutral color. This will enable you to style them as you want for a variety of looks. If you have any special events over the winter, keep dresses for these separately.



Depending on your lifestyle, you will want one or two pairs of jeans. If you opt for two, pick different styles — for instance, one pair of skinny jeans, one pair of boyfriend jeans. You may also like to choose one in blue and one in black.


It is useful to have a pair of pants for occasions that call for something more formal than jeans. Pick pants that coordinate well with your blouses.


For more flexibility in your wardrobe, include a fashionable skirt that will suit your style and also works with the tops you’ve included.


Cropped jacket

If you choose a fleece jacket, this can be another item of clothing that infuses color into your outfits. Other good options for cropped jackets are denim and leather.

Suit jacket

A suit jacket is a must for any capsule wardrobe, as it allows you to layer up in cold weather without sacrificing a formal look. Consider the color of your pants when choosing the right jacket.



Booties make a great everyday shoe, especially in the winter. Add a pair that works with everything and feels comfortable, probably with a medium heel.


To give your feet a rest from heels, you need flats. You can keep it chic by choosing pom pom sneakers — a top choice for this winter.


There will likely be many occasions this winter when you need to look fabulous. Make sure that your capsule wardrobe includes a pair of stilettos that you’ll never tire of wearing. Stilettos as knee-high or thigh-high boots are best, as they allow you to wear a short skirt or dress while keeping your legs warm.

The above will keep your going all through the winter, but you’ll need to start over again in the spring. Use the same basic principles for the next season, learning from your experience what makes good capsule wardrobe essentials.

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