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How to Stand Out on New Year’s Eve – Shoe Style Guide

With everyone around you dressed up on New Year’s Eve, you need something special if you are to stand out. The best way to ensure you are noticed is to, first, pick the right shoes and then model your outfit around your footwear. This shoe style guide will help you choose the right shoes for the most important evening of the year.


Pick a tone that will make noise in the crowd. Top choices this season are anything that shimmers and sparkles. If you’d prefer to avoid shiny shoes, you can always opt for something like vibrant red, pure white, or bright yellow. There’s also no need to stick to just one color. Two-tone shoes are also a favorite this season, especially where the toe (and sometimes the heel) is of a different color to the rest of the shoe.


Patterns on shoes are a big trend right now, as they allow you to bring variety into the color of your outfit. Of course, animal prints and snakeskin are always fashionable, but even floral prints are sticking around into the winter in 2017. Any pattern you choose will pair perfectly with a plain black cocktail dress, allowing you to look sophisticated but still helping you become the center of attention.


Even if you prefer classic black, you need to avoid plain shoes. At the very least, choose something with embellishments or embroidery. Gems, jewels, and sequins are particularly hot choices this winter. Seek designs that use decorations in ways you’ve never seen before. Bear in mind that even fringe is making a comeback this year, making an appearance in many glamorous styles.


Flats may be practical, but it is more difficult to make an impact without height. A better option is to choose a high heel that will emphasize your femininity. Just make sure that you choose a heel size that you can walk in easily and can keep wearing throughout the night. If the evening will involve dancing, keep that in consideration as well. Try on different styles until you find something that sets a statement but feels comfortable.

If you do decide to forgo a high heel, you can do so without sacrificing your look. One option is to find a shoe with a small heel in an interesting shape. Another option is to pick flats that no one would have expected, such as elegant slipper-style shoes.


Consider an unexpected route and choose boots instead of pumps or sandals. You can keep things casual with ornate booties or go to the extreme with knee-high, or even thigh-high, boots.

Celebrating New Year is the perfect excuse to try something new and experiment with being more adventurous. Instead of choosing another shoe in a similar style to the ones you have in your closet, pick something completely different. This will give you a brand new image to bring in the new year.

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