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2017 Winter Bootie Styles

As the cold winter sets in, you need to retire your sandals and open-toe shoes. But there’s no reason to feel blue — now you can rock booties. This year, there are numerous winter bootie styles to be excited about.

1. Sparkles

Anything that shines is a top trend this winter. Shimmering booties are ideal for lighting up the dance floor or just brightening the mood of those around you on cold days. Look out for booties with sequins, glitter, and gems or in metallic tones.

2. Lace-Up Booties

Lace-up snow boots are seeing a revival this year. They’ll keep you warm while showing off your fashion sense. Lace-up booties come in a variety of styles, ranging from almost flat to high heeled.

3. Pure White

If there’s no snow on the ground, add some white with pristine booties. White is a great choice for footwear, as it works with almost any other color but never goes unnoticed.

4. Sleek Crimson

Another top color choice this winter is crimson. It will perfectly pair with your black outfits (always popular for winter) but, at the same time, allow you to stand out from the crowd. Use shiny crimson booties to glam up casual clothing like jeans or to complete a formal look for a night out.

5. Suede

Suede is a versatile material that has a vintage appeal, making it reminiscent of the winter years gone by. It pairs well with almost any clothing but works particularly well with patterned fabrics. If you like to wear floral designs all year round, you definitely need a pair of suede booties.

6. Fur-Lined Boots

Nothing says winter better than fur lining. Plus, it keeps your ankles warm while adding a chic touch to your outfit. This year, you’ll find booties with fur trim as well as with fur in other places.

7. Stiletto Heels

Who said winter booties needed to be functional? Never be afraid to don a pair of booties with stiletto heels if you want to dress for the season but still look fabulous.

8. Hiking Boots

Hiking boots have come a long way from what they once were. Most feature chunky heels, showing that you’re both feminine and prepared for anything. Although fashionable hiking boots may not be your best choice for a trek up the mountains, they are excellent for a stroll over almost any other terrain.

9. Two-Tone Booties

Monotones are not the only way to look sleek — many of the booties you’ll see this winter will have a different color toe to the rest of the shoe. This look is giving many classic styles a reboot.

10. Ski Boots

Gone are the days when ski boots were just for hitting the slopes. This year is seeing the ski boot revival. Traditional styles now feature colorful laces, adornments, and fur on the outside.

Embrace these winter bootie styles by making sure that your closet is equipped with booties for every occasion.

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